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When will the homes be built?

Construction is targeted to begin in Spring 2018.  The first phase will include 50 homes.

How much will the homes cost?

The goal is to price the single family homes at West Village at about 80% of a comparable market price home in Davis and enable more faculty and staff to purchase new homes at prices below the local market. Home details, including size, features and materials are still being designed and will impact the final sales price. 

How many total single family homes will be built at West Village?

According to the last approved Long Range Development Plan, the campus has authority to build up to 475 single family homes at West Village.  A workgroup made up of faculty and staff representatives is considering a master plan for faculty and staff housing that will provide a more exact estimate regarding the actual number of homes.

Where will the single family homes be located at West Village?

Please visit our location page here for more details. The single family home area is located just North of the apartments at West Village which are located at 1580 Jade St. in Davis, CA.

Will there be vehicle access to Russell Blvd.?

There is existing bicycle and pedestrian access to Russell Blvd. at the project site, but vehicle access is not being proposed as part of this project.

Where can I find out about the design and/or components of the single family homes?

The project team is currently in the design process led by Siegel & Strain Architects.  Once finalized site plans and floor plans become available, they will be distributed to members of the Interest List.  You can sign up for the Interest List here.

Who is eligible to purchase a home at West Village?

Currently, the West Village Project Team is working with campus leadership to update the Faculty/Staff Housing Policy.  Once updated, the Faculty/Staff Housing Policy will detail eligibility requirements to purchase a home at West Village.  We anticipate circulating the Policy in Spring of 2017.

Once eligibility is confirmed, how will the selection process for future purchasers be determined?

A lottery will be held prior to the sale of the first 50 homes.  More information about the lottery process will be sent out to members of the West Village Interest List once available.

I've been on an interest list for years. Will I have priority to purchase a home at West Village?

There is no waiting list to purchase a home at West Village at this time.  An interest list was started in 2004 as a means of distributing information and to gauge interest.  There was never any priority assigned to those list members.  That list has since been retired, and we currently have a new interest list you can sign up for here. Even if you signed up previously, please sign up again to receive project updates as they become available.

Will there be units available for rent to faculty and staff at West Village?

Yes.  The project team is working with the design team to determine how many rental units will be on the site. 

I'm looking for the apartments at West Village. How do I find out more?

The current apartments at West Village are not owned and operated by UC Davis, but by a third party.  You can find out more information here.

I have other questions about the West Village project. Who should I contact?

Please visit our contact page here for more information.