The Green- NEW Construction Undergraduate Apartments


The new undergraduate apartments at West Village will include approximately 1,250 student housing units, with a total of approximately 3,300 beds.  The project will include a community building, recreation fields, study areas and photovoltaic systems to provide power to the facility.  The project site is approximately 34 acres to the North of the existing West Village apartments and wraps around to the west.  

The Developer and UC Davis anticipate the project will have approximately 1,000 beds completed in time for occupancy in Fall 2020 and that the remaining beds will be completed in time for occupancy in Fall 2021.  The project will consist of nine four-story apartment buildings and one one-story community center, totaling approximately 1,270,000 gross-square-feet, including community space and support facilities.  The approximately 10,000 gross-square-foot community center will include study and meeting rooms, a fitness center, leasing offices and a mail center.  Outdoor recreation spaces will include seating and outdoor dining areas and approximately two acres of athletic fields and general use green space for student use, as well as approximately 3,340 spaces for bicycle parking.

The project is designed to be compatible in architectural style and color to surrounding on- and off- campus residential neighborhoods.  The buildings will have double-loaded corridors with air-conditioned hallways.  The landscaping is intended to be appropriate for the region and plantings and placement will be selected for low water use and longevity.  The overall layout will be bike and pedestrian focused, with dedicated bike paths designed to separate pedestrian, bike and vehicular traffic.  Building elevations will include a variation of texture and color in order to provide a cohesive brand to the neighborhood while providing distinction to each building for way finding. 

The Series 2018 Project will be designed to be Net Zero Energy, meaning the site will produce an equivalent amount of energy to the amount of energy it consumes (on an annual basis).  Energy is expected to be produced by an approximately 5.527 Megawatt solar farm, with solar panels distributed throughout the property.  Such panels may be included on carports.