UC Davis West Village

A UC Davis planned zero net energy neighborhood

West Village Neighborhood

UC Davis West Village is a 180 acre mixed use neighborhood integrating student, faculty and staff housing and educational and research facilities, all centered on a civic Village Square.  It is a distinctive place to live in a pedestrian oriented, bike-friendly energy efficient environment. With over 10 megawatts of solar-generated electricity, the community is one of the largest planned “zero net energy” communities in the United States. 

As a model in public-private partnerships, the university and private developers  have accomplished together what neither could achieve alone.  Sol at West Village is owned and managed by Landmark Properties, and is home to 2,300+ students, faculty and staff.  The project includes 663 apartments, 42,500 square feet of commercial space, two recreation centers, and study facilities. The Green at West Village is owned by Collegiate Housing Foundation and operated by Michaels Student Living.  The project is currently under construction, with a first phase of housing for a 1,000 student occupancy in Fall 2020.  The balance of the project will accommodate 2,300 more students in Fall 2021.  The Green will total approximately 1,250 apartments, and include a 2 acre recreational field, community center and many study lounges.

UC Davis West Village hosts the first community college center located on a University of California campus.  The inclusion of Sacramento City College Davis Center in West Village is an important component of a long partnership between the Los Rios Community College District and UC Davis.

UC Davis’s first Energy Hub is a prototype for innovation in sustainability and future campus innovation hubs. Located in commercial space surrounding the Village Square, the Energy Hub is home to the campus’s energy research centers, where they utilize the living laboratory of UC Davis West Village while fostering interactions with the private sector in the area of energy research.