About West Village

UC Davis West Village is the largest planned “zero net energy” community in the United States.  A model in public-private partnership, the university and a private developer have accomplished together what neither could achieve alone.  Leveraging the expertise of its faculty and staff, UC Davis secured nearly $7.5 million in federal and state energy research grants to explore large- scale ZNE design. West Village Community Partnership, LLC, under a 65-year ground lease with the university, invested $200 million to make the project a reality.

A model in higher education, UC Davis West Village includes the first community college center located on a University of California campus.  It’s planned single-family homes will help the university to recruit and retain top faculty and staff by enabling them to live locally and participate fully in the life of the campus and community.  Also, the project’s design, with a village square and network of open spaces, parks, gardens, pathways and courtyards, provides a high quality of place and community.

UC Davis’s first uHub is a prototype for innovation in sustainability and future campus innovation hubs. Located in commercial space surrounding the Village Square, the uHub is home to the campus’s energy research centers, where they enhance the living laboratory of UC Davis West Village while fostering interactions with the private sector in the area of energy research.

West Village is currently a home for 2,000+ students, faculty and staff.  The project includes 663 apartments, 42,500 square feet of commercial space, a recreation center,study facilities and up to 475 single family homes for faculty and staff when complete.